Open Doors

This month, we donated a portion of our December sales to Open Doors of Westfield, IN. We are so grateful to those of you who shopped over the holidays and helped us pay it forward to this wonderful volunteer-run, non-profit. πŸ’›
Open Doors is a food bank whose mission is to improve the quality of life for residents right here in our community through food and clothing assistance, referral to community services, and spiritual guidance. They’re located just a couple miles away from us and help families in need right here in our community. The number of people who are food insecure and are in need of basic necessities is so mind blowing. Open Doors has assisted over 13,000 families over the last 25 years with over 670,000 POUNDS of food. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ 
We were able to take your contributions and shop for fruit, oatmeal, breakfast bars, and mac & cheese to replenish their stock of items they provide students who are food insecure during the weekend. These young students rely on school lunches as their ONE guaranteed meal every Monday-Friday. But, what about the weekends? Or during the summer and holiday breaks? For us, it is heartbreaking to just imagine not knowing when your next meal will be. That’s where amazing places like Open Doors come in and the beautiful people who give their time to sort and bag meals for these families in need. 
Thank you for shopping with us and shopping for a cause! Together, we are making a difference, and we hope you continue to Shop with Purpose πŸ’› 
What are you doing to help those in need in your local community? Do you have a non-profit recommendation that can benefit from our support?

xo, Sami

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