Our 2nd Birthday!

Cheers to year 2! Time has flown by. We've celebrated every tiny victory, happy danced our way through every single order received, and put our hearts into each handwritten thank you note. We say it a lot, and we’ll continue saying it everyday: we are so grateful. We love celebrating our birthday during the best time of year. Tis the season of giving- which is what drives our company, and tis the season of gratitude- which is at the forefront of everything we do. We're not experts yet at running a small business, but we'll continue learning through the missteps and learning from those who have lead the way. 

Looking back on the past two years, we have been able to help fight hunger in Indiana, provide assistance to those who suffered from the Sonoma wildfires and to those who were devastatingly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This was only made possible from all of you who have shopped with purpose at ellajayms.com and at of our pop up shops in the Indianapolis area. We are so grateful for your support in our mission to help those in need through every single purchase made. 

Looking forward to the years ahead, we are excited for more opportunities to meet new customers and expand our EJ family, bringing in product that will continue to help make you feel good and look good, and continue doing our part for the benefit of the greater good. Together, we can make a difference. Cheers!

xo, Sami

Sami Ma